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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

3 degrees clarification.. and the naseeb thing too :P

alrighty, so here I am on blog post numero 2 and I thought before I actually post my other blog (which is in process.. remember... thinking stage .. procrastination?... Great you've been following along quite well :P) ok.. so my three degrees.. let me tell you how it came about..

first of all, I have not completed 3. I have completed 2 and the third one is still in progress.. Ya3ni mazal its not done yet. I started university in the faculty of science hoping that I would not have to complete a science degree and just get into medical school after 2 years. So all this time I was going around telling people, "Ya I'm in science but i really want medicine, so I mean I will be ditching this place as soon as the good old faculty of med school call me up and be like "hey you're in" and my response would be like "took you long enough" :P But it didn't happen that way unfortunately hehehe.. let me explain..

I wanted to impress the folks at the faculty.. so I thought I would enroll in the most difficult, most challenging program.. just to get them to be like "wow.. What's she still doing there... get her into our program!!" and then there I would be like, "well if you really want me too... fine I guess I can leave them for you" (remember.. I had everything planned out soooo well!! I would do two years of undergrad, get into medicine.. become this superstar doctor and discover something and be uber rich) ... nice dream right? well somehow along the way .. reality came along and knocked on my door... let me explain..

Remember how I said I would pick the hardest program... I chose biochemistry.. Don't get me wrong.. I think it is a very good program.. and not hard for those who don't procrastinate.. but ya.. so you get the idea here... anyway.. 2 years of hell.. ermmm I mean biochemistry and I was ready to write the infamous mcat.. see the problem with me.. is that people affect the way I think.. so unfortunately I got to meet the "pre-med" group (every city, province, state, territory, island, you name it has this group..). They are incredible gifted in the art of scaring the competition.. so to make a long story short... they used their scare tactic to psyche me out (not just me.. many other poor fellow students) on this exam.. so instead of studying for the exam .. I basically panicked instead...(not recommended for anyone... why? read on you will see why..) so I decided the night before the mcat I would not enter. My parents convinced me that it was ok to be worried and that at least to enter it just to see how it "feels" like. This way, second time around I would be prepared and at the same time the environment would be more familiar. So I entered the mcat and you know what it wasn't so bad.. the whole time I was like if only I just studied instead of panicked.. but ahoo naseeb what can you do. I left the exam and months later.. I got my results only to find that I had passed all the sections except one.. After that, I decided to just get myself together and work hard and write that dumb mcat and pass and then I could go on with my already laid out life I had planned for myself.. (but boy would I learn something... life doesn't go as planned.. but wait I'm getting ahead of myself.. the "moral learned section is supposed to be in the end of this... Ok ok... going back) so going back to the chosen biochemistry major.. I think its an interesting subject.. but when you have a prof that doesn't know anything and cant answer questions in class.. gives incredibly hard assignments for an undergrad level.. and forgets to make enough copies of the final for the class (serious this did happen.. she photocopied 25 exams for 150 students..hmmm *no comment*) and well life isn't fun with biochemistry... it doesn't help that the lab TA thinks we're out to get him either.. He always thought his students were up to something.. poor fellow.. anyway with a small campus.. and well only one biochem prof and one lab TA, I decided that biochem was not the way for me and I needed a high average to be competitive enough for med school.. so what did I do? a more stupid decision.. I looked at the many electives and classes I took and realized that I was not that far away from completing a chemistry degree... (do not ever do this ... go by interest.. not how many you have left!!) So I became a chemistry major.. and I regretted it.. I should have stuck with biochemistry.. Ya sure chem had a lot more classes and a lot more profs.. but it was incredibly harder than biochemistry.. (the subject that I thought was like the mother of all subjects) ... but whatever.. I did this to myself and stuck with it.. because well I like challenges and I wasn't about to whimp out of chemistry either (funny... I remember in Grade 12, as I was handing in my chemistry final.. I told my prof that I would never take a chemistry class again!...) Anyway during my final year in chemistry (I was 22) I decided to take a psychology class as an "average booster" and who would have thought that it would take one amazing professor to make me fall in love with psychology. Everything about it I found fascinating! It was great because it had to do with the study of the mind and the study of people.. not like chemistry.. which I found rather dry. So then I took more classes.. and luckily (or should I say Subhan-Allah) I had taken my fine arts requirements and social sciences requirements as electives in previous years so I could easily do another degree! I asked about this and was true I could be getting a second degree ontop of the chemistry one.. but it required me to work all year long. I overloaded on both of my last semesters.. I graduated in May with my chemistry (B.Sc) and in the spring semester I also overloaded with psychology classes..and then there was my final class that I took in July (it was an intense class since it was only a month long!! it was 4 months of work put into 1 month!! ) and then in October I graduated with my B.A.

Although I was able to complete the 2 degrees in a little over 5 years, I made a sacrifice. I never entered the mcat after that first time.. for a while I forgot about medicine.. but during this time I grew up.. I realized that you cant plan life.. I mean you can set goals of what you want to accomplish but you cant expect for everything to unfold as planned... but at the same time, everything happens for a reason.. and sure my plan of getting into med school has been delayed but I got to do so many other things that I would have not been able to do had I followed my yellow brick road..) Had I gotten into med school in Canada, I would have not been able to go to Libya as much as I do now because of my studies and school schedule. If this were the case, I would have never met my fiancee (so ya that should answer the person from the comments posting). Also, had I got into med school here, I probably could not do what I wanted to do in Libya: live there and be part of the society there and do my part to make it a better place ( if you're going to post something in the comments saying that I'm dreaming or it will never work etc.. save your post, I've already got them before :P but I'm still here and I'm still saying it so nothing has changed :) I am still determined!) ... so ya I am very happy and satisfied of how everything turned out.. Obviously Allah subhana wata3ala knows best and I am glad that this is how everything turned out.. now some of you are probably like.. ok so the third degree? ok so dreams do come true if you hold onto them.. and you never give up... (keep this with you because I am living proof that dreams come true). When I was in Libya, I decided that I would apply into medical school anyway and see if there is naseeb, it means that I am meant to be a doctor, if not I would accept this and just go on with life, afterall I have decided that I will live in libya and because of this, I can't do medical school here, in canada. If I do decide to specialize, I could come back here to Canada and do so, but for now, I really have my mind set on living in libya for a while... so I did my interview there, and I got in. So now, I have paused my studies in Libya for the year.. because really I need this year off to relax and get my mind cleared and ready for medical school.. (I was put through bootcamp before in getting the 2 degrees) so now I am working as an echo technician and just relaxing... i guess you could call it therapy..after "post-dramatic stress" and insha-Allah, if all goes well, I will be starting the 3rd one in the fall... so ok I think that does it.. and I think I clarified everything.. at least I hope so lol .. and hopefully some of you who read this will be saved from doing my mistakes.. but again.. you never know.. everything that happens.. no matter how bad it is... is definetly a blessing in disguise :) as I found out myself :)
Until next time... peace be with you all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Long story to know at the end that the main reason why you going back to Libya " Benghazi " is to study medicine at the age of 24 which you failed to do in Canada 5 years ago !!? Is it because conditions to study medicine in Libya are easier or cheaper !? Good Luck any way but that was not a learn-from-story ! My message to you is to think twice now before you start another saga and do not just say that you thought about already.

All the best


9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting story !

2:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice post Benghazeeya but I was just wondering about the meaning of " echo technician " Sorry, I could not understand the meaning of that. So your next step is Medicine or marriage, probably both of them in Tripoli and you are going to leave Benghazi alone !? hehehe :)

Take care and good Luck !


3:11 PM  
Blogger benghazeeya said...

ok.. thanks for posting your comments.. (why are you all staying anonymous :P) anyway.. for anono 1. well if you read my post carefully, you will see that I didnt fail to get into medical school.. i wrote the mcat once and never applied.. i got busy with school and finishing up school that i knew i would not be free to write the mcat again. I decided that i wanted to move back to libya before i met my fiancee and before i applied to med school in libya. so i thought if im going to live in Libya why not apply there (and by the way.. they dont even look at you if your marks are below 90.. so its not "easy" to get least for me it wasnt... i have no "connections" or whatever people talk about.. besides.. getting into med school at 24 .. theres nothing wrong with that.. it doesnt make me a failure.. i already have my university education.. i know a person with a PhD who decided that he wanted to do medical school!!! and he got in (in canada by the way if thats supposed to make a difference... in the end.. its the same medicine :P) anyway i hope that clarifies it for you :)
anono 3, echo technian: Echocardiography.. meaning i take pictures of the heart like an ultrasound for doctors (cardiologists) to look at and this way better diagnose the problem.. its really cool to see the heart in real life in action! and i am really enjoying it too.. as for marriage.. and medical school.. ya chances are I think they are happening during the same time.. school first and marriage to follow soon after.. but after exams!!!

Keep posting I do enjoy your comments :)

7:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Benghazeeya !
I got confused with what you was saying in your first posting that your naseeb is likely to be from Tripoli but then in your last posting you said you already engaged !? p:)

I am also confused whether your posting is from Benghazi or from somewhere else !?

Why do not you elaborate further about your love with Benghazi and make it your next posting :)

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow ! How did you learn to take heart pictures !? That is great :) but you did not mention that in your story ... so this is another degree you having then !!? Why do not you tell us about that then.

Regards and be happy :)


1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your last posting

Very interestig, Please keep on posting cuz I can also see very enaging comments.

A friend of mine has sent me these jokes so I thought you might like them ..Enjoy your time and keep on posting Benghazeeya.

When you are coming 2 Benghazi ?

Mother: "Did you enjoy your first day at school?"
Girl: "First day? Do you mean I have to go back tomorrow?

A: Hey, man! Please call me a taxi.
B: ok, sir. You are a taxi.

A: Why are you crying?
B: The elephant is dead.
A: Was he your pet?
B: No, but I'm the one who must dig his grave.

A teenage girl had been talking on the phone for about half an hour, and then she hung up.
"Wow!," said her father, "That was short. You usually talk for two hours. What happened?"
"Wrong number," replied the girl.

PUPIL: "Would you punish me for something I didn`t do?"
TEACHER:" Of course not."
PUPIL: "Good, because I haven`t done my homework."

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Life is journey not guided tour !

2:47 AM  
Anonymous Suliman said...

Dont all you anonymous guys or maybe girls have anything better to do? Or do you just like harassing and flooding our Libyan sisters blog with needless questions and silly comments?

11:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

assalamu alaikum ya benghazeeya

wow your story is amazing, mashallah congrats on your two degrees and your entrance into medical school in libya.....i am like you second yr science ....planned on doing two yrs of sci writing the mcat goin to med school..u know the drill (i livei n canada too)...well anyways you are so right the other premed students are freaking the hell out of me and so i decided to do a four yr bio major..unlike you who went for the hardest subjects i am fed up of making everything hard for myself so inshallah i hope it works out...i am writing the mcat this summer inshallah and after that allahu a3lam i said four yr major (but i am still in my second yr).....

another crazy similarity is that i really really want to live in libya too......i have no idea what allah has planned but inshallah i hope i can have my dream of medicine...i am so happy that you got what you wanted. keep on blogging!

Salam! :D

your new fan and libyan sister (in canada lol)

8:34 PM  
Blogger benghazeeya said...

hey all thanks for the comments :) i admit i havent been posting lately,, ive been really busy with classes and midterms (yay i finally start med school!) anyway i promise to get a post up about my very interesting experience so far.. hehehe trust me you dont want to miss this one.. take care and peace :)

3:32 AM  
Blogger Hibo said...


خاطري نتلاقوا..

7:09 AM  
Anonymous Mohammed said...

See! I'm a Libyan guy right, i'm 27, I was born & raised in London, UK. i got back here to Libya trying to live the dream, i finished my Masters in BM and IT, so i thought you know what, screw the UK and god may forgive me for saying that, so ithought screw the UK, I'm going back to Libya to work for my peeps and Live the dream, and the dream was a nightmare, Started working In Libya, Management was a joke, people didn't give a dam about the company , it was very clear that everyone was only in for the money, crappy customer service everywhere including the company that i've worked for, tried meeting some and getting married, coz people say if your married in Libya life will be something else, tried getting engaged but most of the girls that i've met are interested in the Money and London, so that didn't work out, and people intend to marry maids here coz all the do is cook,clean and look after the kids and that wasn't really what i had in mind for my marriage, everywhere i go, people just don't stop staring, see, you could gaze but you can't stare at anyone. so good luck with living the dream, I'm happily moving back to London next week, i'm sure your like oh please take me with and get me outa here, right? but i intend to take everything in life as an experience and it don't matter good or bad, it's an experience. and believe me, i had my share of the libyan experience, so now i am going back to continue my British dream, which i don't know why the hell i left it from the first place, see! think twice. good luck and take care Benghaziya! MO

4:52 AM  
Blogger devilboy77 said...

hehehe have 2 admit i enjoyed reading the post even thou its 3:30am here & 2 be honest i was looking 4 something else when i was searching for "libyan girls" >_> ... my fave part that made me laugh hard was "(serious this did happen.. she photocopied 25 exams for 150 students..hmmm *no comment*)" LOL ...keep it up ^^

6:41 PM  

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