Confessions of a libyan girl

I think the title says it all!

Location: Benghazi, Libya

Monday, April 05, 2010

im still around!!

its been years since ive blogged.. wow how time has flown by.. and i kinda forgot about this blog.. but to update you guys (if there is anyone still checking on the blog hehe (yay!) im here in benghazi, in my last year of medical school and im getting married in september (ya long engagements suck! but allah 3'alab, the rents insist that i finish school first before i get married.. ) so i will continue to blog very soon.. kinda busy with the wedding planning and the exams.. and how things run on "libyan" time so nothing gets done lol.. but for those who would like to know.. do i still love libya the same way i did almost 5 yrs ago? yes of course i do.. would i change my mind and leave libya to go back to canada? nope not at all! :) im very happy here .. yes there are ups and downs living in libya but something about jow libya the life, the people the sea the culture makes it worth it.. makes me happy that im here and it seems weird now that i used to live in canada .. it seems like it was another life.. (i still go visit couple times a year whenever i have a break) but i still love libya. anyway i really have to get going but thank you to those who keep checking my blog - i really appreciate it. i will continue to blog as soon as possible :) so stay tuned :)